Seaeye Sabertooth

Seaeye Sabertooth is available in a single hull and a double hull version. This makes it a very powerful but lightweight platform for both inspection and light IRM tasks. Its small size tether free operation and maneuverability give easy and safe access inside complex structures making it ideal for autonomous inspection, maintenance, and repair of subsea installations, tunnel inspection, and offshore survey work.

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The Seaeye Sabertooth is a merger of the Double Eagle SAAB Autonomous Remotely Operated Vehicles and SAAB Seaeye technologies, resulting in a hovering hybrid AUV/ROV with deep water capability long excursion range and a six degrees of freedom control system.

Key Features

Operational depth of 1200 msw (3000 msw).

Battery power allowing long range operations with either full operator control via a thin fibre optic tether or autonomous operation with operator control in proximity of targets.

Full AUV functionality with obstacle avoidance, behaviour based control and underwater docking capability.

Redundant fault tolerant control system.

Non-invasive self-diagnostics.

Advanced autopilots: heading, depth, pitch, roll, stabilisation, altitude, station keeping, vector transition, obstacle avoidance and sonar target tracking.

Remote internet interface for base and Seaeye technical support.

The system is designed to be at a docking station 24/7 for more than six months without maintenance, eliminating the cost of surface vessels.


 Seaeye Sabertooth

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