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The Nortek Aquadopp® 3D Current Meter is designed for any body of water, whether ocean, estuary, lake or river.

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The Nortek Aquadopp® 3D Current Meter is designed for any body of water, whether ocean, estuary, lake or river. Current meters measure the water current velocity in a single volume. The Nortek Aquadopp® Current Meter is small in size but an extremely powerful sampling system that allows it to be used in a variety of applications.

The Nortek Aquadopp® 3D Current Meter is probably the most versatile single point current meter on the market and has become the industry’s most trusted model since its introduction in 1999. The Nortek Aquadopp® is in use by scientists and engineers all over the world, from the Arctic to the Equatorial Pacific. It is deployed in environments ranging from rivers to deep ocean trenches. The Nortek Aquadopp® 3D Current Meter utility stems from its cost effective yet robust design requiring low maintenance and no recalibration.

Ocean Moorings

The Nortek Aquadopp® with its low maintenace and recalibration needs is ideal for long term deployments. Either clamp it directly to a mooring line or mount it on the Nortek Aquafin or AquaClamp.


To measure surface currents, the Aquadopp® can be mounted directly onto surface buoys. The Nortek Aquadopp® Surface Current Meter transducer configuration is designed to measure near surface currents with three acoustic beams directed in a horizontal plane just below the surface.

Fixed Mountings

Whether fixed to an off shore structure, piling, or bottom frame, for every mounting structure there is a corresponding Nortek Aquadopp® transducer head configuration that allows high quality measurements to be gathered.

Wave Height

The Nortek Aquadopp® can measure wave height, period, and direction using PUV processing. With PUV processing, 2D velocity (U and V) is combined with pressure (P) measurements to provide a full directional spectra solution.


In rivers, channels, and harbors, the Nortek Aquadopp® Current Meter can be side mounted on a wall to monitor the 2D flow, avoiding sedimentation on the sensor head.

Deep Water

The deep water Nortek Aquadopp® Current Meters can be used anywhere in the ocean up to 6000m depth. Both the 6000m and 3000 m models have demonstrated outstanding performance in low scatter conditions.

Key Features

No calibration necessary; no zero point drift over time.

Low power consumption for long deployments.

All plastic and titanium parts eliminate corrosion.

No moving parts that can be blocked or damaged.

Effective directional wave gauge.

Remote sampling volume away from the mounting structure.

Small and light weight (less than 3kg).


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