Nortek 1MHz DVL

The Nortek DVL1000 is the world’s smallest commercially available Doppler Velocity Log.
It combines compact design with unprecedented functionality, being able to fly higher in the water column and closer to the seabed than similar equipment, bottom-track from over 0.2 to 75 m range; 4000m max operational depth.

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It is ideally suited for subsea navigation where size and weight are a concern. This 1 MHz Doppler Velocity Log is used by industry leaders in the subsea market because of its high accuracy and state-of-the-art technology.

Key Features

Industry’s smallest DVL.

Bottom track from 0.2-75 m range.

Quality estimates – per beam and ping.

Observation-class ROVs and AUVs.

Near-bottom operations.

Highly accurate subsea surveys.

Easy integration with high-grade INS.


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