Kongsberg Geopulse 5430A/132 Pinger System

The Kongsberg GeoPulse is pinger sub bottom profiler system.
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The Kongsberg GeoPulse is pinger sub bottom profiler system. Its proven success is due to its reliability, ruggedness, ease of operation and flexibility. Subsea bed structures are delineated using reflexions from a selectable single frequency multi cycle high power signal, which is transmitted from an over the side, towed or hull mounted platform. The signal is processed in the compact deck unit.


The system, (5430A transmitter and 136A towfish), is a standard sub bottom profiling tool to be found on many surveys vessels world wide. The 5430A transmitter can be configured to fire either single transducers, over the side arrays, or larger hull mount 4x4 arrays of 137D transducers. It is also possible (by means of an internal switch) to transmit on one array and to receive on another. This greatly reduces noise on the records caused by ringing of the transducers. To complete the system the following items can also be supplied by GoSubsea, the Coda DA4G Data Acquisition System. Various winches and towcables of up to 1000m are available with the above system.