IXBLUE Gaps Gen 4

The pre-calibrated Global Acoustic Positioning System (GAPS) combines USBL, INS and GPS technologies.

The most accurate USBL in its category. It works in deep or extremely shallow water and difficult environments where other systems have failed.

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The iXBlue fourth generation pre-calibrated GAPS combines high performance ultra-short baseline (USBL) and a fiber-optic inertial navigation system (INS) in the same housing to provide accurate position of any subsea object in diverse and challenging environments. Applications include Towfish tracking, AUV, ROV and any subsea vehicle and Diver tracking.

Key Features


4,000 m range, accuracy 0.2% of the slant range, 200 deg coverage.

All-in-one system, simple to use.

Provides absolute position as well as surface GPS-robust position.

No mobilization/demobilization: fully operational in less than 1 hour.

Adapted to all applications: shallow and deep water, and noisy environments.

Easily transferrable from one vessel to another.

Robust to acoustic and GPS hazards.


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