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Edgetech 701DL and Starmux III Transceivers

ROCHESTER A302799 ARMOURED COAX. – This is the cable we utilise for most of our deep tow applications. It is an 11.3mm double armoured single coaxial cable with lengths available from a couple of hundred metres up to 6300 metres.

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These are the two most common Edgetech Sidescan Transceivers available for use with our comprehensive range of Edgetech 4200, 4205 Sidescan systems and 2000DSS, 2050DSS and 2300 Combined Sidescan and Sub Bottom Profilers when used with a coaxial tow cable.

The 701DL can supply sufficient power for an Edgetech 4205 and a single piggybacked Geometrics G882 Magnetometer. For applications requiring increased power such as the 2000DSS combined Sidescan and Sub Bottom Profiler, or the 4205 with a piggyback G882 Gradiometer, a Starmux III should be requested.

The Sea Cable interface within these transceivers will automatically switch off power to the tow vehicle should the processor be disconnected from the tow vehicle for an extended period. The power will also be turned off if an over current or under current condition exists.

ADSL Telemetry from the tow fish is decoded in by a modem and data is then made available on the ethernet port.


 Edgetech 701DL Hardware Manual
 Edgetech Starmux IIIManual

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