DriX: An Efficiency Multiplier For Your Survey Missions

Fast, enduring, safe, high seas going and sea proven, DriX from iXblue shows outstanding seakeeping capabilities and takes the industry of surface drones several steps further.

Recognising this technology, GoSubsea has added DriX ASV’s to its sale and rental equipment pool.

Designed and built by iXblue’ shipyard, following the in-house surveyors’ teams’ requirements, Drix is designed for a wide range of tasks such as geophysical and hydrographic surveys, touchdown monitoring of pipelines, subsea positioning, and ROV/AUV tracking.

To know more about DriX and use it for your next project reach out to our GoSubsea experts.

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GoSubsea has brought this game changing autonomous survey vessel DriX which has conducted many successful operations ranging from subsea positioning to bathymetry missions to clients.


  • Unmanned architecture providing an extended working domain
  • Low weight and narrow beam to reduce the footprint on a work deck
  • Reduced fuel consumption and ECO mode
  • Welcomes third party equipment
  • Reduces the number of human support teams


  • Composite construction methods (Vacuum infusion)
  • Kevlar reinforced
  • Moulding process (timely construction, perfected shaping process)
  • Change of payloads, data broadcasting and retrieval, replenishment at sea simplified
  • Design optimised for both coastal and offshore missions
  • Highly efficient hull shape


For Marine Survey

  • Hydrographic survey
  • Coastal and harbour monitoring
  • Hydro acoustic survey
  • Seabed mapping and seabed automatic classification
  • AUV tracking with USBL integrated positioning systems

For Offshore & Energy

  • Box-in of seabed transponder arrays
  • ROV tracking for Touch Down Monitoring (pipe and cable laying)
  • AUV tracking and control / command
  • Ultra-deep tow fish tracking


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