The C-Nav3050 DPGS Receiver is powered by the Sapphire GNSS Engine.

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The C-Nav3050 provides 66-channel tracking, including multi constellation support for GPS, and GLONASS. It also provides patented interference rejection and anti-jamming capabilities.

The C-Nav3050 DPGS Receiver is fully upgradeable, allowing users to go from a single-frequency receiver, to multi-frequency with a simple software upgrade. The flexibility of the C-Nav3050 will enable you to adapt to any application, and will give you the confidence to get the job done.

Key Features

The C-Nav3050 DPGS Receiver has 66-channel combined GPS/GNSS/L-band receiver provides decimeter, precise point positioning accuracy worldwide between 72°N and 72°S.

Multi-constellation support and tracks GPS, GLONASS, C-Nav, other SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) signals, C-Nav Corrections Service Over-the-Internet (CCS OTI), and accepts external RTCM input. A choice of data rates make corrections via the internet affordable, and using Iridium delivery, reception at any Latitude is possible.

Small and lightweight for fast and hassle-free setup. Low look angle L-Band antenna. Easily installed in series with the existing GNSS antenna, extends satellite delivered coverage area.


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